Babylon 5 retrospection


~20-year retrospection of the TV show "Babylon 5".

New viewers:
Babylon 5, shown in 1994, was a saga, one long story, most episodes were connected. Roller-coaster ride, arc of saga, begins near end of season 1. A few short scenes were a bit repugnant (hit FF button).

Its computer graphics was originally created using LightWave 3D on Commodore Amigas (Amigas were shown rendering in "Making of Babylon 5"). Creativity of artists was amazing. Ships were entirely original, often resembling races that flew them (crescent-shaped ships matched hair-style of Centauris).

Show was novel in that its creator Straczynski (JMS) frequently posted to Internet (Usenet). Before an episode aired, Straczynski posted riddles, afterwards, posted explanations.

Show has aged, many episodes don't work now, such as crime stories. Now that digital cameras and location-tracking devices are already everywhere, Mr. Garibaldi's security failing to see any crimes happening, far into the future, has become unbelievable, unintended comedy. Sadly, actor credits shown at beginning has become tomb-stones, nearly half of regular actors are gone, too soon, which has prematurely aged the show.

The best Babylon 5 episodes were revelations and turning points. The best turning points were the consecutive episodes "Point of No Return" and "Severed Dreams". Among the best episodes of all: "The Fall of Night", "Dust to Dust".

Babylon 5 was abruptly ruined by its own creator. A few writers enjoy twisting characters a few degrees to demonstrate everyone has flaws. But Straczynski twisted Lennier, full reverse, to the dark side. This happened at the end, causing many and I to be left with a final negative opinion.

But then Babylon 5 wasn't meant as a TV show. In reality, it was to prepare public for revelation Terran governments have been in contact with a genetically-related alien race (confirmed by reliable source).

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Babylon 5 remake


Why remake Babylon 5?

Babylon 5 is praised as the best, or nearly the best, sci-fi show ever made.
Chance of damaging such high appraisal by any remake is 100% certain.

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