crisis in computer programming

Computer programming has NOT advanced in ~60 years!


The last major advance in computer programming was object-oriented programming, introduced or formalized by the programming language SIMULA. But that was back in 1962. (ALGOL-68 is notable by influencing almost every PL since 1968.)

Now in 2019, computer programming has not advanced, not fundamentally. Software is still written primarily in SIMULA-influenced C++ which itself is ~40 years. Object-oriented syntax of C++ facilitated developing programs more complex than could be written in older PLs -- for a while -- now programs have become far more complex than C++ can abstract.

  Tyrantula web browser |     127 files |     14,154 lines-of-code | based on webkitgtk-2.24.2
  mozilla-19980331-unix |   4,673 files |  1,328,769 lines-of-code |
  webkitgtk-2.24.2      |  17,588 files |  3,947,618 lines-of-code |
  Firefox-76            | 284,017 files | 42,067,556 lines-of-code |

next advance in computer programming

Stay tuned...