Tyrantula web browser

Dawn of a new era in computing...

   ...a revolution in the world-wide-web...

      ...based partly on advanced ancient-alien technology...

World's first web browser with a command-line interface.


  • Command-line interface, command-history, command-recall.
  • Browser presents itself as an internal webpage.
  • Split window showing internal and external webpages.
  • Commands to set browser mode { basic, secure, video, standard }. Once browser enters secure mode, locked in that mode.
  • Easy control of settings, such as commands +im|-im which enable/disable images.
  • Bookmarks are added/edited in internal webpage, commands to find/goto bookmark, bookmarks stored in simple text format.
  • Other browsers, if a download fails, user is required to click retry 1000 times. This browser enters infinite loop until download completes.
  • Omitted: Search widget sponsored by advertisers.
  • Omitted: URL widget which uses "guesses" transmitted by advertisers.
  • Omitted: Sending telemetry data for purchase by advertisers.

Tyrantula web browser
Tyrantula web browser
Tyrantula web browser
Tyrantula web browser