reasons to migrate away from Systemd/Debian

Roman emperor Commodus thumbs-down

[2022/02] "If this is the solution, I want my problem back."

Debian, once a fine operating-system, has mutated and degenerated into Systemd/Debian.

systemd is a virus.
Linux distributions it has infected can be categorized as Systemd/strain. They are all, in fact, derivatives of Fedora. Differences between them are marginal, since systemd controls nearly every aspect of entire system.

systemd is the central nexus without which a Systemd/strain system cannot exist. It has such totalitarian control it apparently intercepts and blocks even Linux kernel panic keys and reboot command. When systemd fails -- FUBAR your computer will be.

The garbage came from amateur Windows-subverted Padawans, judging by their own manpages:
"systemd is a system and service manager"
"[...] which are in turn inspired by Microsoft Windows .ini files."

alternative operating-systems



This author has been using FreeBSD since 2001.

FreeBSD vs Linux.


A kernel ought to be just that, a kernel, the tiny core of the system. MINIX is a good example. MINIX-3 is semi-compatible with NetBSD.

LinuxFromScratch (LFS)

LFS is the ultimate solution (other than completely writing your own OS).
Name of my LFS system shall be Jimix.

Void Linux

Void Linux is unique, appears nicely polished, live images with variety of GUIs to try, installers for Raspberry Pi (specific to RPI1...RPI4). But have concerns after (supposedly) its founder vanished then project fell into stasis for some time (??).

Haiku (BeOS clone)

Haiku is worth watching, currently in a very long beta stage. (More about BeOS/Haiku.)


Orphaned OS/2 still survives as ArcaOS.


Linux or BSD kernel with /etc/inittab that runs only /usr/bin/emacs. Or build /bin/mg (MicroEmacs fork) with BusyBox for the polar opposite of bloatware.

Or no operating-system?

A computer with FORTH has no need of an operating-system.

REJECTED alternative operating-systems




Tried Gentoo -- hit a SHOW-STOPPER.
Tried OpenRC stage3, but Gentoo's own OpenRC init system is infected with a piece of systemd (head-smack!).
Tried configuring USE variable to prevent installing systemd, and other garbage, but emerge stubbornly failed.
(To be fair, this author did install steps in different order than instructions in Gentoo handbook, but guessing, would've hit this problem eventually.)

Concluded time/effort would be better spent on LinuxFromScratch (LFS) instead of Gentoo.


Devuan developers don't do even the most basic testing!! Tried installing Devuan Beowulf. Selected runit as init system. But failed to install runit, because evidently they forgot to include runit-init package in installer. The whole purpose of Devuan is to offer choice of init systems, but they didn't bother to test that, unbelievable (head-smack).


Dilemma in Guix-1.3.0 installer: It will refuse to install anything unless connected to Internet, but it cannot connect to Internet because necessary drivers were hacked out of kernel for not being pure open-source (head-smack!).


Mac computers and MacOS (made after ~2010) are nothing more than you-pay cash-registers.
And HELL NO to finger-print scanners!!